About Me

I was born in Singapore, hence a Singaporean American. I'm fluent in Mandarin, an Asian dialect "Hokkien" which is also the Taiwanese language and also converse in Cantonese. I went to Boston for college and later moved to Los Angeles and graduated with a B.A in Music.
I am an ENG as well as a cart-based soundmixer and own 3 multi channel rigs. I started out as a post audio engineer in 2001 and in 2006 I begin working in production audio. I'vd worked in Reality TV, Feature Films, Commercials and more. I am professional, a team player and provide quality work. Having worked in post audio for film and TV, I understand post production work flow and will make sure that you have a "smiley" post production team at the day.
I'm a member of IATSE Local 695 and FCC licensed (0022964316) to operate wireless radio. Passport ready, available for travel.


2 x Sound Devices 664 w/ CL6 (12 Channels)
Sound Devices 633 recorder (6 Channels)
Sound Devices 442 mixer

14 Sanken Cos 11D
DPA d:screet Slim
2 Countryman b3
2 Countryman b6
2 Tram
Sennhesier 8060
2 Sennhesier 416
Sennhesier MKH50
2 Scheops Cmit5U

8 Lectrosonics SRb Dual Channel Receiver
1 Lectrosonics SRc Dual Channel Receiver
2 Lectrosonics 411a
13 Lectrosnics SMV/ SMQV Transmitter
2 Lectrosnics SSM Transmitter
Lectrosonics WM waterproof transmitter
Lectrosonics wideband LR
4 Lectrosonics wideband LT
3 Lectrosonics um400a
Lectrosonics HM and UH400a Plug
Lectrosonics Venue
3 Lectrosonics um100 units

Lectrosonics T4 and T1
18 Lectrosonics IFB R1a

1 Denecke TS-TCB
1 Denecke TS-3
1 Denecke TS-1
2 Denecke SB3
2 Mozegear Lockit
3 K-Tek Boompole
Various Blimp and cables
Lectrosonics ALP620
3 IDX Charger
AudioRoot Battery Distro Sysytem
12 IDX L7S Litium Battery